Are you still waiting to have your air conditioner serviced this year? Shorts and t-shirt weather is just around the corner. Soon you’ll need your AC, and you don’t want to be waiting for a technician instead of enjoying a respite from the heat. Here are 8 reasons to schedule your air conditioning tune-up in Muskego now.

Your AC May Not Be Ready to Kick In

Your air conditioner has probably been off for several months. During that time, dust and debris may have collected inside. The buildup can interfere with heat transfer and other functions. Meanwhile, electrical components may have worn out or corroded or a fan blade may have come loose. An HVAC technician will clean the unit and check all mechanical and electrical components. A tune-up lets them perform any service necessary to prepare your AC for summer.

Energy Efficiency Will Be Improved

Your AC won’t run at peak efficiency without a tune-up. An HVAC tech can improve energy efficiency by cleaning or changing clogged filters, clearing condensate lines, lubricating moving parts, and completing other tasks. Therefore, you’ll spend less on energy bills and benefit from improved indoor comfort no matter how hot it gets outside in Muskego.

Expensive Repairs and Breakdowns Can Be Prevented

A tune-up allows a contractor to spot problems early and fix them. High demand puts strained components over the limit, so an AC often stops working when you need it most. Usually, the sooner a potential issue is found, the less costly it is to repair. You can avoid a major repair or breakdown altogether. Your contractor can also guarantee that your AC will provide consistent cooling all summer.

Indoor Air Quality Is Improved

Dirty filters allow dust and particulates to enter the system and circulate in your home. They can also enable mold and mildew to grow. Allergies and respiratory ailments can worsen and your home may be affected by odors and high humidity. An air conditioning tune-up in Muskego vastly improves indoor air quality and helps you breathe easier.

Your Air Conditioner Can Last Longer

In addition to preventing costly repairs, a tune-up can add years to an air conditioner’s lifespan. You may get a full 15 years or more out of the system. Tune-ups help reduce wear and tear that can cause the compressor and other major components to fail early. This means you can delay having to invest in a new unit.

The Warranty Will Stay Valid

Most AC warranties require regular maintenance by an HVAC professional. Failing to maintain your air conditioner can void the warranty, so any issues that result won’t be covered. The manufacturer may not provide replacement parts. If it’s at all possible to fix a neglected air conditioner, you could spend thousands to get it running again. An AC tune-up is much more affordable.

Fewer Safety Risks

An AC tune-up involves checking the system’s safety controls and electrical components to eliminate hazards. Your HVAC system has safety cut-offs that trigger in case something goes wrong. An electrical malfunction can cause the unit to break down. It can also cause a power outage, shock, burn, or fire.

Your HVAC Contractor’s Schedule Is More Flexible in the Spring

An HVAC company tends to be less busy in the spring. There are fewer emergency calls to answer. Therefore, rather than waiting for a technician to arrive to address a problem, you can schedule maintenance at a convenient time. The contractor’s flexibility means you don’t have to miss work, an appointment, or a day off to get your HVAC unit tuned up.

Schedule an Air Conditioning Tune-Up in Muskegon

At Over the Moon, we take pride in anticipating our customers’ AC needs to avoid serious problems. Our maintenance services include thorough inspections so we can make quick adjustments and small fixes. An AC tune-up can improve reliability, comfort, and safety as well as increase equipment efficiency and longevity. To set up your appointment, call 262-510-0956 today.