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Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With Over the Moon, you can receive quality HVAC services while staying within your budget.
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Keeping your home warm in winter and cool in summer doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. With Over the Moon, you can receive quality HVAC services while staying within your budget. We offer many different installation and repair options, and we are always ready to provide these services to our customers in the Sussex area.

Heating Services

From the first crisp days of fall through late spring, temperatures in Sussex can be bitingly cold. Keeping your home warm becomes a matter of extreme importance. Our goal with our furnace services is to make sure you are never without the warmth that you need to stay comfortable and safe. From rapid repairs to comprehensive maintenance services, we have it all.

Air Conditioning Services

Our HVAC experts suggest yearly scheduled inspections of your system before summer begins to make sure that it’s capable of keeping your home comfortable when temperatures soar.
Routine Maintenance Helps:
  • Cleaner, healthier air to breathe
  • Lower cost to operate
  • Saving time and money on major problems
  • Ensuring that the system runs efficiently
  • In the prevention of emergency repairs
  • In eliminating any major issues that your AC may have
  • Peace of mind
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Furnace Replacements

When you purchase a new furnace, you can expect it to last 20 years or longer with regular maintenance. If your furnace is older than this, it may be time for a furnace replacement. At Over the Moon, we will help you determine when a replacement is needed. We always evaluate your furnace carefully before recommending a replacement.

Heater Repair

When you live in Sussex where winters are frigid, you need to know that you can depend on your HVAC technician for accelerated service. You can always rely on our experienced team to be there when you need us. Call Over the Moon for furnace repair. if your furnace starts providing inconsistent heat, is making unusual noises, or is running non-stop without adequately heating your home.
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Carrier Furnace Repair

Furnace Installation

Finding the right furnace to install in your home takes a combination of skill and knowledge of the industry. We can help you determine whether you should purchase a gas, electric, or oil furnace, and we perform load calculations to determine how big of a furnace you need. If you are building a new home, call us for reliable installations.

Furnace Maintenance

With proper maintenance, your furnace can last well beyond its expected lifespan. Our tune-ups include all of the components necessary to keep your furnace in good condition throughout the whole winter. A typical furnace tune-up will include thermostat calibration, a series of tests and inspections, lubrication of moving parts, and thorough cleaning of all of the parts in the system.
Installed Furnace
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Air Conditioning Services

Without air conditioning, homes can collect heat and moisture and become extremely uncomfortable. We have been providing AC services in Sussex for many years so we understand the unique needs of homes in the area. Air conditioning services can help your home to be cool during the summer and improve the quality of the air inside your house.

Air Conditioning Replacement

If you feel daunted by the prospect of replacing your air conditioner, you are not alone. Many homeowners each year face this task for different reasons. If you have recently added space to your home, the compressor has broken down, or your unit is over ten years old, a replacement may be the best option. We can help this process to be smooth from beginning to end with our AC replacement services.
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Air Conditioning Repair

Under the ten-year mark, many of the problems you experience with your air conditioner can be fixed through AC repair. Air conditioners can develop problems with their condensation tubes, ductwork, or even thermostat. If you notice signs of leaking around your unit, your AC is no longer working efficiently, or it is not blowing out enough air, it is time to call for a repair.

Air Conditioning Installation

When building a new home or remodeling your old one, getting your AC installation right the first time is of extreme importance. Improper ductwork size, faulty connections, or improperly installed air conditioning units can cause problems down the road that range from inconvenient to dangerous. At Over the Moon, we guarantee quality installations for our Sussex customers.
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Air Conditioning Tune-Up

As with your furnace, air conditioning units can last much longer with annual tune-ups. You can also save money on your energy bill by making sure your unit is working at its highest efficiency. This can be done by frequently checking all of the components of your system and repairing anything that is causing it to be less efficient. Contact us for an AC tune-up today.

We love meeting other families who live in Sussex and the surrounding areas. For us, HVAC services are all about creating a better community by improving one house at a time. If you need services for your heater or air conditioner, call In Phase Electric & Air today.

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These guys came in as a second opinion for my HVAC system and were so informative. Thank you so much! Now my new condo has a new system that I know will last.

Julie Hang

We are having a fireplace installed, and In-Phase was the ones we trust to install the electrical for it. They are not only professional, but highly skilled and personable as well. They always go above and beyond! Josh was great!

Jeanette Lubitz

Michael from Over the Moon did a great job. He was professional, courteous and went above and beyond. Gave me some good advice that I will use. Over the Moon does a fantastic job!

Alan Krenke

Joe from Over the Moon changed our smoke detectors and replaced an outlet. He also did an annual inspection. Joe was very efficient and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was doing and suggested some changes that could be beneficial. I would highly recommend Joe and Over the Moon!

James Bomberg

We had Over the Moon do a maintenance service on our AC system. Took advantage of their $99.00 service special. The technician Mike was professional, courteous and did a thorough job. We have had Over the Moon into our home for other services and repairs. We are satisfied with their performance, honesty and integrity.

Jim Paro

Over the Moon is outstanding. They did extensive work for us in a number of areas in our home, some quite complicated. Expert service, way above quality of other contractors we have used in the past. Highly recommended. Our service provider Joe is the best!

Jane O.



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