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If you live in the Delafield area, we are proud to be able to serve you and your family by offering the best Electrical services in the area.
Electrical Services | WI Electricians
If you live in the Delafield area, we are proud to be able to serve you and your family by offering the best Electrical services in the area. Although electricity is a necessity, it can also pose certain dangers to your household unless it is repaired and installed with care. Safety is our main goal at Over the Moon so we take the time to make sure each job is done right.

Electrical Outlet Installation

Today’s home electrical needs are different from what they were a couple of decades ago. Many homeowners want to improve their home by adding electrical outlets that better suit their needs. Whether you need smart outlets or more GFCI outlets to improve the safety of your home, our installations can boost both your comfort and your security.
Electrical Outlet | Licensed Electricians in WI
Electrical Wiring Repair

Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrades

At Over the Moon, we repair both circuit breakers and fuse boxes. If you have a fuse box, we are more than happy to service your system or replace it if you are ready for an upgrade. You may be ready for more amperage and a new panel if your circuits are frequently tripping or your fuses are constantly burning out. Call us for all of your electrical panel repair and installation needs.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Getting the help of a licensed electrician for your ceiling fan installation is a good idea both for your safety and for your wallet. When working with us for your ceiling fan installation, you can be sure that your fan will be secure and will operate smoothly. We have all of the parts and tools that we need on hand, and we will always repair the drywall and touch up paint after we are done for a clean finish.
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circuit interrupter

Circuit Interrupters and Surge Protectors

Every home is vulnerable to power surges, overloads, and shorts which can lead to personal injury and damage to your devices. You can protect your home using several different methods. Most homes are required to have GFCI and AFCI outlets installed in kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. You can also use power strips with surge protection, and you can have whole-home surge protection installed directly to your panel.


  • Electrical Outlet Installation
  • Electrical Panel Repair and Upgrades
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Circuit Interrupters and Surge Protectors
  • Lighting Repair
  • Outdoor Lighting Installations
  • Indoor Lighting Installations
  • Generator Services
  • Home Automation Services
Lighting Installation

Lighting Repair

Problems with your lighting can be as simple as a loose bulb and as complex as faulty wiring. If you have tried replacing the bulb but it has not solved the problem, our electricians can quickly diagnose and fix the problem. Every lighting repair that we do is up to code and we always leave our workplace clean.

Outdoor Lighting Installations

When it comes to outdoor lighting, if you can dream it, we can make it happen. We install path lighting, securing lighting, motion-sensitive lighting, accent lighting, and much more. We even have options that help to reduce light pollution for a better view of the stars. Make a simple call to Over the Moon and you can raise your home’s value by making your yard safer and more attractive.
outdoor lighting
indoor lighting installation

Indoor Lighting Installations

Inside your home, you want lighting that fills your home with light but is also energy-efficient, and easy on your eyes. We are proud to offer many different lighting options that will fit perfectly with your vision and help you save money on your energy bill every month.

Generator Services

Power outages can be inconvenient and even dangerous for families that are not prepared. A whole-home generator is a simple way to guarantee protection for your Delafield home even during heavy storms. We can recommend and install generators, and we offer yearly maintenance to make sure your generator is always fully operational.
generator work
Home Automation System | Over the Moon

Home Automation Services

With our home automation services, you can control the temperature, lighting, and security of your home with a few taps on your device. Nearly everything inside and outside your home can be placed on an automation system. There are endless benefits to home automation such as increased efficiency, improved security, and even better entertainment. For installation and repair services, contact our experienced electricians and we will give you the smart home that you have been craving.
Over the Moon, we believe that there is value in providing valuable services while also running a business that is friendly, affordable, and honest. We believe that our customers come first so all of our electricians are trained to listen to each customer and to go above and beyond at each job. We love working directly with our Delafield customers and we believe that this is the best way to provide the best customer service. Call us today for prompt and quality electrical services.

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These guys came in as a second opinion for my HVAC system and were so informative. Thank you so much! Now my new condo has a new system that I know will last.

Julie Hang

We are having a fireplace installed, and In-Phase was the ones we trust to install the electrical for it. They are not only professional, but highly skilled and personable as well. They always go above and beyond! Josh was great!

Jeanette Lubitz

Michael from Over the Moon did a great job. He was professional, courteous and went above and beyond. Gave me some good advice that I will use. Over the Moon does a fantastic job!

Alan Krenke

Joe from Over the Moon changed our smoke detectors and replaced an outlet. He also did an annual inspection. Joe was very efficient and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was doing and suggested some changes that could be beneficial. I would highly recommend Joe and Over the Moon!

James Bomberg

We had Over the Moon do a maintenance service on our AC system. Took advantage of their $99.00 service special. The technician Mike was professional, courteous and did a thorough job. We have had Over the Moon into our home for other services and repairs. We are satisfied with their performance, honesty and integrity.

Jim Paro

Over the Moon is outstanding. They did extensive work for us in a number of areas in our home, some quite complicated. Expert service, way above quality of other contractors we have used in the past. Highly recommended. Our service provider Joe is the best!

Jane O.



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