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In modern times, air conditioners are taken for granted. Being able to cool down one’s home on a hot day is more than a convenience.

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In modern times, air conditioners are taken for granted. Being able to cool down one’s home on a hot day is more than a convenience. It can be life-saving as well. When an AC unit isn’t working, a previously livable home can become a space of agony. Fortunately, with the right strategies, you can keep an air conditioning unit functioning well all season and avoid breakdowns.

How can air condition
services help you?

Air conditioning experts have what it takes to keep AC units working at full capacity by applying the proper repairs and performing routine maintenance. You need to have your AC units regularly checked up every year so that it functions well and it is most preferable that you have this scheduled maintenance before summer. If there is something that is broken with the unit and you use it during the summer it can easily lead to burnout.

Air Conditioning Experts

air condition services

Air conditioning professionals have the skills and knowledge to diagnose and correct AC problems and will tell you what your options are when replacement of your unit becomes necessary. The experts often remain up-to-date on best practices, safety, and the best way to communicate knowledge to the clients they work with. They can get your home back to its original state, and will also make you understand how to keep it in the best way possible.

Professionals performing air condition services will:

  • replace or clean the air filter
  • measuring refrigerant liquid levels
  • look for safety hazards, clean the coils
  • remove debris from in and around the unit
  • straighten coil fins
  • checking for leaks
  • recalibrating the thermostat

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When should you call
a professional?

Some AC issues are easy to see while others may need the eyes of a trained expert to be determined. While it is easy for any homeowner to do some repairs and maintenance, there are others that need to be left to the experts. Not only can the professionals fix the repairs but there is also less of a chance of making a costly mistake with it when they are the ones who handle it. Below are a few indications of when to call a professional.

Home is too hot

If you have done everything like block out sun and increase airflow but your house is still hot, there could be a problem with your unit. If your vents are blowing hot rather than cool air, it is obviously time to call a specialist to come to help you out.

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Air Conditioning Professional | Over the Moon

There are uneven temperatures
throughout the home

While it is common to have a hotter temperature in the upper floors of a home, when there is a big gap in the temperature difference between the floors of a house this may signal that something is not working well in the vents, air filters or ductwork. Air filters can be replaced by homeowners, while a professional should always clean and check the ductwork.

Energy bills are extraordinarily high

If your energy bills seem to be creeping ever higher without reason, the problem may be that your air conditioner is losing efficiency and working harder to keep your home comfortable. An increasing energy bill could be due to dirty coils or may be due to something other than the unit itself, such as faulty window or door seals or torn ductwork. A professional can search for potential problems and find the cause to help you lower your energy bills.

High Energy Bill
Restricted Air Flow - Dirty Ducts

There is restricted air flow

Weak airflow from a vent won’t cool a house down. In such cases, you’ll need to call on a professional to see if there’s a problem with the ducts or with the compressor.

Thermostat is not working

It is very frustrating when everything works but the thermostat. An experienced AC professional can easily check the wiring and recalibrate your system’s thermostat.

Smart Thermostat
AC Unit Repair

You experience loud noises
or bad smells

Noises from your AC unit, such as grinding and scratching is enough of a concern to contact a repair expert ASAP. A professional can diagnose the problem and repair or replace any malfunctioning or broken parts before serious damage occurs. Unpleasant odors from the unit’s vents can also be a sign of a problem that requires attention. Regardless of whether its a musty/moldy odor or burnt wires, an expert is typically necessary to fix the issue.

The unit is leaking

If you find that your unit is leaking any type of liquid, call in a professional immediately. While leaks are caused by water condensation tube cracks, they also contain injurious refrigerant liquid. Any sign of a leak should be enough to prompt you to call in a professional to check out your air conditioner.

HVAC Technician - Erick | Repairing AC Unit

AC Warning Signs

AC Replacement

AC Freeze Ups

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These guys came in as a second opinion for my HVAC system and were so informative. Thank you so much! Now my new condo has a new system that I know will last.

Julie Hang

We are having a fireplace installed, and In-Phase was the ones we trust to install the electrical for it. They are not only professional, but highly skilled and personable as well. They always go above and beyond! Josh was great!

Jeanette Lubitz

Michael from Over the Moon did a great job. He was professional, courteous and went above and beyond. Gave me some good advice that I will use. Over the Moon does a fantastic job!

Alan Krenke

Joe from Over the Moon changed our smoke detectors and replaced an outlet. He also did an annual inspection. Joe was very efficient and knowledgeable. He explained everything he was doing and suggested some changes that could be beneficial. I would highly recommend Joe and Over the Moon!

James Bomberg

We had Over the Moon do a maintenance service on our AC system. Took advantage of their $99.00 service special. The technician Mike was professional, courteous and did a thorough job. We have had Over the Moon into our home for other services and repairs. We are satisfied with their performance, honesty and integrity.

Jim Paro

Over the Moon is outstanding. They did extensive work for us in a number of areas in our home, some quite complicated. Expert service, way above quality of other contractors we have used in the past. Highly recommended. Our service provider Joe is the best!

Jane O.



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