If you’re not an experienced electrician, the signs of a serious electrical problem aren’t always obvious. A variety of common occurrences happen in homes. Many people don’t realize some represent serious hazards. To help you reduce the risk of serious injury or damage to your home, here are signs you need to call for electrical repair in Waukesha now.

1. Circuit Breakers Are Always Tripping

Circuit breakers trip when there’s an overload. An occasional trip isn’t usually anything to worry about. But if a circuit breaker trips frequently or won’t reset, there is a reason. Perhaps appliances are demanding too high a load or the wiring in your home is in poor shape and needs to be replaced.

2. Lights Keep Dimming and Fading

They may not seem threatening, but dimming lights can mean big trouble. Call an electrician if the lights fade when you turn on an air conditioner, microwave, or washing machine. There may be damaged wiring or a loose connection if just one room is affected. However, if multiple rooms are affected, the circuit itself may be defective, or if lights flicker in your entire home, your electrical panel may need to be updated. 

3. Electrical Outlets Are Warm

Warm outlets should be considered an electrical emergency. After all, electricity flows through wires and plugs, not the outlet itself. If an outlet feels hot, there is significant damage, so unplug any cords right away and call for help. A precursor to this problem is a loose outlet, which many people ignore; an outlet should never move when you plug something in; eventually, its wires will loosen or disconnect.

4. A Wire or Cord Is Frayed

Wires are insulated to ensure electricity flows only through the conducting metal. Corrosion, deterioration, high heat, and nails and screws can damage wire insulation. A frayed wire or one that looks like it’s been chewed by rodents should be replaced immediately as electricity can arc, or jump, from the exposed conductor and cause sparks, shocks, and fires.

5. Electrical Wires, Devices, or Appliances Spark or Smoke

Don’t expect a problem causing sparks or smoke to go away. This means there’s already serious electrical damage and you could be in immediate danger. Unplug anything that sparks or emits smoke. Sparks can also appear from a damaged wire, outlet, or a poor electrical connection. Always call for electrical repair in Waukesha if you see them.

6. Something Is Burning

If it smells like something is burning, then assume something is burning. Take immediate action if a burning odor is coming from an electrical outlet, fixture, or appliance. There may be a short circuit. But a tiny electrical fire may be in progress; If it touches something flammable, it will spread very quickly throughout your home.

7. Something Is Abuzz

Never write off buzzing sounds from your electrical system. As innocuous as it may seem, a buzzing sound is indicative of damaged or deteriorated wiring. There’s a serious risk of a shock or electrical fire. Popping and sizzling sounds mean an outlet, component, or panel is overheating. A professional should immediately address the underlying issue.

8. You Get Shocked

An electric shock is a big deal no matter how small it is. If you touch an outlet, wire, or device and get shocked, it is seriously damaged or your electrical system isn’t properly grounded. Call for emergency electrical repair in Waukesha or have an ungrounded electrical system updated.

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