The electrical panel is one of the most important components in your home. It distributes all the electricity needed to power lights, electronics, and appliances. A well-maintained panel can last 30 years or more. Unless a breaker trips or some other electrical problem occurs, you probably never look at it. But upgrading your service panel has more benefits than you might think. Here are some advantages of a Milwaukee service panel upgrade:

Your Home Will Be Safer

If your electrical panel is outdated, it probably won’t support your home’s electrical demands. It can overheat and malfunction. Outlets, appliances, and electronics such as TVs, computers, and audio equipment may not work properly. Even more concerning is the risk of worn, faulty, or overheated components causing a shock or starting a home fire. A new, higher-capacity service panel will prevent these hazards.

Fewer Electrical Mishaps

If your service panel isn’t up to date, electrical circuits may trip frequently. Just turning on a switch might trigger an outage if an appliance is on that circuit. Lights may randomly dim or flicker and unexpected surges may prevent devices from working properly. If these issues occur in your home, it’s probably time for an electrical panel upgrade.

Increased Power

Upgrading from a 60A or 100A panel to a 200A panel can significantly increase the function of your home. It’s an important step if you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. You can also add or upgrade appliances or even enjoy the luxury of a hot tub. Upgrading your electrical panel can meet your present and future needs. It may even increase your home’s property value.

Improved Energy Efficiency

An older, outdated, or faulty electrical panel will consume more energy. A newer panel is more efficient due to the lack of wear and improvements in design. The standards have changed over the years, and manufacturers must engineer electrical products to meet them. Replacing your service panel can therefore contribute to lower utility costs.

Save on the Cost of Repairs

If your old breaker panel needs to be repaired, it will likely need more maintenance and repairs in the future. A Milwaukee service panel upgrade can save on these costs and the expenses of having to repair or replace damaged appliances. Other electrical problems are also avoided, which can further boost the cost benefits of panel replacement. 

Opportunity to Add Circuits/Outlets

An upgraded electrical panel often has space to add more circuits. While an electrician is installing the panel, they can also wire any new circuits to serve individual appliances. They can also install more outlets. Doing so can improve safety as you won’t rely on extension cords and power strips. It helps improve function and convenience as well.

Appliances and Devices May Last Longer

Small surges, tripped circuits, and shocks can damage appliances and electrical equipment. The degradation can occur over time, so electronics may work less efficiently and then fail prematurely. A new service panel can avoid these issues and increase the lifespan of electrical equipment.

Possibly Lower Your Insurance Premium

Your home insurance company may lower the cost of coverage if your electrical panel is up-to-date and code-compliant. This generally equates to improved safety. Reduced potential for accidents or damage means it’s less likely the insurer will have to pay a claim. Therefore, you may qualify for a lower insurance premium.

Call Over the Moon

If you have an outdated electrical panel, overloaded circuits, or worse, you still rely on a fuse box, our licensed electricians can help. Over the Moon will provide a Milwaukee service panel upgrade to protect your home and increase electrical capacity. We have your electrical and heating and cooling needs covered. To request circuit breaker repair or service panel replacement, call (262) 510-0956 now.