Putting off AC replacement can avoid the expenses of installation, at least temporarily. But is it a good idea? If you delay getting a new air conditioner, you’ll likely invest more in your existing unit. And an AC that’s 10 or 15 years old is not energy- or cost-efficient. At this point, AC replacement in Waukesha County is usually the best option. 

What If My Old AC Is Working Fine?

You can choose to repair your older unit or keep running an air conditioner that provides adequate cooling. Try to think realistically, though. How many years are left in its life? If replacing it is on your mind, the fall is the best time to start planning. Therefore, you can coordinate with a local HVAC company, and the sizing, equipment selection, and installation process can be completed in the cooler months, so you’ll have a brand new AC to rely on next summer.

When Not to Put Off AC Replacement

Delaying AC replacement can be a big mistake if:

  • Your Air Conditioner Shows Signs It’s Failing: If the system is taking longer to cool your home, the air’s not getting cool enough, or there’s little cool air to speak of, your AC is likely on its last leg. Also, consider replacing it if it’s turning on and off when you don’t expect it to. Loud, unusual noises from an old unit typically mean it’s not going to last much longer.
  • The System Still Uses R-22 Refrigerant: Freon has been banned and is no longer being produced. Therefore, it’s becoming more expensive to find. You can avoid an expensive refrigerant leak repair (which may cost almost as much as a new unit) by replacing your old AC with a higher-efficiency system that meets the latest regulations.
  • AC Replacement Is Required in an Emergency: The hottest days are when your AC is most strained, and when an older unit is most likely to break down. Summer is also the hardest time to get hold of an AC technician. It’s when they’re the busiest, and equipment and fees are also going to be more expensive. To avoid a summertime AC breakdown and being without cool air, schedule preventative system replacement ahead of the season.
  • You’re Spending More On Energy Bills: An older AC’s efficiency can drop in half as it reaches the end of its life. You’re essentially throwing money away whenever you turn it on. Even if it has months or a year or two left, the money you’ll save in energy can be put into purchasing a new system. You’ll also save on big repairs for a while.
  • Your Indoor Air Becomes Dusty and Dirty: A declining AC is often unable to maintain good indoor air quality. Dust and dirt in the system can circulate in your home. As a result, you may experience increased allergies, your home may be uncomfortable on hot days, and higher indoor humidity can make it feel warmer and contribute to mold growth.

Don’t Delay AC Replacement. Call Over the Moon Today

If your air conditioner isn’t performing like it used to, we can help make important decisions before the peak of the cooling season. Our skilled technicians can provide any type of repair. But when it’s time to think about replacing the system, whether it’s not cooling your home or is damaged, we’ll help you choose from the many types of ACs available. For example, high-efficiency split systems, ductless mini-splits, and heat pumps can help you save. 

To learn more or schedule AC replacement in and around Brookfield, WI, call 262-510-0956 today.