Throughout Waukesha County, WI, customers depend on Over the Moon’s licensed technicians for ductwork services. Poorly installed, worn out, or old ducts eventually need replacement. Homeowners often grapple with this decision, as duct replacement can be costly and disruptive. But when it’s necessary, it can have many long-term benefits that include improving cooling/heating performance, indoor air quality, and efficiency.

These signs can mean your HVAC system is hinting ductwork is no longer sufficient:

Indoor Air Quality Issues

If dust and debris are floating in the air throughout your home, the source may be in your HVAC ducts. Cracks, gaps, and holes in ductwork can allow in pollutants and moisture. Not only can this lead to increased allergy and asthma symptoms. It can introduce mold spores that grow in damp areas of ducts. Replacing the air filter alone won’t resolve persistent issues related to faulty ductwork.

Rattling Sounds and Vibrations

A properly designed HVAC system will operate quietly. Rattling sounds and vibrations can mean air ducts are clogged or damaged. If the system is noisy while it’s running, call a professional for a ductwork inspection. They can find issues such as damaged joints or loose connections and make repairs if possible. If the issues are extensive, duct replacement may be recommended.

Hot and Cold Spots Around Your Home

When your HVAC unit is running, the temperature should be consistent throughout your home. If some rooms are too cold or too hot, ducts may be leaking air. A blockage or isolated leak can be repaired. But it’s also possible there’s extensive damage, the air supply is unbalanced, or the ductwork is the wrong size to begin with and should be replaced.

A New HVAC Unit Isn’t Performing as Expected

A new HVAC unit should perform to the manufacturer’s specifications. Contractors often install new heating and cooling equipment with a homeowner’s existing ductwork. If changing the air filter or making other adjustments doesn’t solve any performance issues, the system may be telling you it’s time for duct replacement.

Mold or Mildew Odors

Uneven temperatures can cause warm air to interact with cold ducts or vice versa, creating condensation. A musty odor may spread throughout your home as mold or mildew grows. The odor isn’t only unpleasant. It can also be accompanied by toxins that can cause respiratory and other health issues. If there’s significant mold contamination, your ductwork may have to be replaced.

Bugs and Rodents

Pest problems often point to faulty ductwork. A rodent or insect infestation can cause significant damage, spread bacteria and viruses, cause blockages, and reduce air quality due to feces, urine, and other biohazards. Depending on the scope of the problem, an HVAC professional may recommend hiring an exterminator or replacing your ductwork. Infestations are often caused by holes in air ducts. They can also lead to serious blockages.

Visible Damage

Periodically inspect ducts where you can see them. You should also schedule a professional inspection every year. Punctures, tears, disconnections, dents, and other types of damage can interfere with the function and efficiency of your HVAC system. Duct replacement may be necessary if the damage is extensive.

Higher Energy Bills

Many homeowners don’t know a high electric bill may be a message. A steady rise or sudden spike is often a sign of an HVAC problem and not rising rates. If there are widespread issues or ducts are improperly sized, the only resolution is usually to replace them.

Call Over the Moon for a Duct Replacement Consultation

Our HVAC technicians are trained, licensed, and equipped to inspect, clean, repair, seal, and, if necessary, replace your ductwork. We provide high-quality ductwork installation that includes proper sizing and design. To resolve persistent efficiency, indoor air quality, or other issues that signal it’s time to consider duct replacement, call 262-510-0956 to schedule an appointment today.