When it comes to electrical or HVAC in Milwaukee, not all contractors are created equal. In fact, we know customers are often unhappy with general contractors. However, Over the Moon considers the client a top priority and works to improve the safety, well-being, and satisfaction of customers throughout the Milwaukee area.

Who Is Over The Moon?

Over the Moon is an electrical, air conditioning, and heating services company based in Brookfield, WI. We provide professional service, respect clients’ homes, and work quickly as call center staff instantly answer your call. Same day service is available whenever possible. If you need help with electrical or HVAC in Milwaukee and surrounding communities, you can trust our highly skilled, background checked/drug tested technicians; they will get the job done right, whether performing installation, repair, or maintenance.

No matter what kind of work is required, our team will ensure you fully understand what needs to be done and why. We’ll perform a full inspection to identify additional issues or hazards—and correct those as well. Our technicians arrive in fully stocked vehicles, so all the parts and tools are available to complete the job on the spot. All our services are covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, while we also offer lifetime warranties on our work.


Over the Moon respects your home from start to finish. We offer superior service whether you need us for:

Electrical Service

Electricity is required for just about every function of your home. Your lights, appliances, televisions, computers, and other devices depend on it. An electrical problem such as a sporadic outage, spark, or flickering light can be annoying, but may indicate deeper issues and potential dangers. Our certified electricians can safely troubleshoot and correct the problem at its source, whether your home is old or brand new.

You can trust Over the Moon to rewire your home or install outlets, switches, lighting, generators, electrical panels, or ceiling fans. Our technicians are trained to ensure your home is up to code. They can provide smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and install surge protection systems, security devices, and solar equipment as well.

Attempting electrical work on your own is a shock, burn, and fire risk and can have even worse consequences. Whether you need a repair, inspection, or smart home update, our highly skilled electricians can address your most pressing requirements. We will quickly and safely correct any issues and ensure all electrical appliances and devices can be operated with peace of mind.

Air Conditioning Service

Simply replacing or cleaning air filters can help your air conditioner work better and last longer. Our AC professionals can do this and measure and fill refrigerant levels, clean coils, straighten coil fins, remove debris, and check for safety hazards. We’ll also check for leaks and make small repairs whenever necessary. Full HVAC testing allows us to determine whether adjustments or other services are needed; we can also recalibrate the thermostat to improve cooling performance.

It’s often obvious when you need AC service, but not always. Our technicians can perform any repair without risking costly mistakes. If you’re facing an expensive repair or have had several recent repair visits, we may recommend replacing your air conditioner. When this is the case, our team will assess your home, determine the best type and sized system, and help you make the most informed decision.

Call us when your home is too hot, temperatures are uneven across rooms and/or floors, or your energy bills are higher than normal. Restricted air flow, loud noises, odors, and leaks also signify an AC problem that should be addressed by a professional. Over the Moon is always ready to address any issue you have.

Heating Service

A heating system breakdown can be extremely dangerous, especially during a deep freeze. When the temperature in your home falls too low, it can lead to hypothermia, which can be deadly even for healthy adults, not to mention the elderly, infants, and other vulnerable groups. A furnace breakdown can result in a gas or carbon monoxide leak, so it’s important to call a skilled technician whether you have a gas, oil, or electric furnace.

Over the Moon’s heating professionals can inspect your furnace annually and address issues such as moisture or rust. A well-maintained furnace lasts about 20 years on average. However, it can last even longer if you have it serviced regularly.

Our technicians also install, repair, and inspect heat pumps, which heat or cool your home by transferring heat to or from an outdoor air or ground source. We also service electric or gas fireplace inserts, whether it involves a repair or inspecting components annually to ensure they work properly and safely. If you use a wood or pellet stove for heating, call for regular maintenance such as engine lubrication, exhaust pipe cleaning, and cable and switch inspections.

Where We Serve

In addition to Brookfield and Oconomowoc, Over the Moon provides HVAC and electrical services throughout the Milwaukee area. We serve customers in communities like Chenequa, Dousman, Ixonia, Lac La Belle, Merton, Nashotah, and New Berlin. Our technicians can also reach homes in Elm Grove, Hartland, Sussex, Pewaukee, and Wales.