Tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, and rising electric bills are reasons to look for an electrical contractor near you. Whether you have an emergency or need an inspection or electrical upgrade, it’s crucial to find the right contractor. In most populated areas, including around Milwaukee, there are many to pick from. It’s therefore important to know what qualities you’re looking for in an electrician or electrical services company.

Here are what we think, at Over the Moon, are some of the most important ones:

Knowledge and Training

Performing electrical work requires specialized knowledge of wiring, how electrical devices work, and safety measures. Working around electricity carries a risk of being shocked, burned, or electrocuted. Fire is always a possibility as well. Regulations and building codes are constantly changing while technologies continue to advance, so electrical contractors need continuing education to keep their skills up to date.


A contractor may have a reputation for providing great service. But that should apply to every job they’ve done in the past. Consistent quality of work ensures you get the best experience possible. It also ensures your home will be safe during the project and afterward with positive, lasting results.

Licensing and Insurance

To obtain a license, an electrician must complete specific education requirements and pass an exam. Licensing must be up to date as well. It ensures the contractor has the latest skills and knowledge. Liability insurance is also a must. It covers repairs and injuries if an accident occurs during an electrical repair or installation. Otherwise, you may end up paying for an uninsured electrician’s mistakes.

A Strong Reputation

Look for online reviews and referrals by family members, friends, neighbors, etc. Nothing can tell you more about a company’s quality of service than a previous or current client’s experience. Look up the business with the Better Business Bureau or at HomeAdvisor. Consistency in how customers perceive the business should be reflected across channels.


An electrician should be eager to answer your questions, show up on time, and explain the work they need to do. Obtain a price estimate before the job. The technician should do as much as possible to stick to that quote. If they arrive late, leave before the work is done, or the project goes over budget, that’s not a sign of dependability. Discuss these concerns with customers who have worked with them before.

Service Specialities

The more services an electrical contractor can handle, the better. But you need to verify they’re prepared and equipped to do what you need them for. For example, not all electricians replace electrical panels or do re-wiring, and commercial contractors aren’t always familiar with home electrical needs (and vice versa). It’s therefore important to inquire about or research their areas of expertise online.

Business Minded

An electrical contractor should be business savvy. If so, delays, budgeting issues, and reliability concerns are not likely. They’ll follow through with the project. The electricians you work with will be focused on this and future projects and on building a lasting relationship with the customer.

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