With proper care, your air conditioner can last 10 to 15 years. Some HVAC systems have been known to exceed the 20-year mark. But no AC system lasts forever, no matter how well it’s maintained. Nonetheless, planning for a replacement before the unit breaks down can save you time and money. Here are some signs you’re coming close to requiring air conditioning replacement in your Sussex, WI, home.

Not Enough Cool Air

If cool air doesn’t blow within a few minutes of turning on the AC, a pipe or duct may be clogged, or a serious mechanical issue can be brewing. A refrigerant leak or failing compressor can prevent the system from delivering cool air. Lukewarm air, inconsistent temperatures throughout your home, or hot air blowing when the thermostat’s in “Cool” mode are signs your AC is reaching the end of its lifespan.

Reduced Airflow

Low airflow can point to a faulty compressor if a vent isn’t blocked or a technician doesn’t find a clogged duct or filter. Repairing or replacing it can be quite expensive. When a repair estimate is very high, air conditioning replacement may save you in the long run.

Leakage or Excess Moisture

A water leak can mean the condensate pan or drain line need repair. But a large flow of water may quickly damage sensitive AC equipment. A refrigerant leak can also be damaging and may require replacing a coil to resolve. Both of these issues can be expensive to fix, so an expert might recommend replacing your AC system.

Your AC Produces Foul Odors

The air from your AC should always smell fresh. Musty odors can mean HVAC equipment and ductwork are infested with mold or vermin. Smoky, burning odors can indicate that wiring insulation has melted, or parts of your unit may be burning out. The only option is often air conditioning replacement in Sussex, WI, as the culprit plus smoke damage may have compromised the system.

The System Is Unusally Noisy

A slipped belt or damaged motor bearing can be repaired if the issue is dealt with early. Otherwise, it can cause major damage. Call for help right away if you hear grinding, squealing, rattling, banging, or other loud, strange noises from your AC system. These can point to a single problem or multiple issues that are too expensive or impractical to fix, depending on the unit’s age and condition.

Your Energy Bills Keep Increasing

If consistent increases can’t be attributed to rate hikes or seasonal variations, your AC may be becoming less efficient. Generally, AC efficiency declines with age. Annual maintenance can slow this process. But eventually, the unit will struggle to keep up and use more energy to achieve the same temperature. You should probably start thinking about air conditioning replacement in Sussex, WI.

The AC System Is Old

Air conditioners can be fixed and maintained, but you can’t turn back the clock. An older system will struggle to keep your home cool. It’s common for minor issues to affect cooling performance along the way. When these add up and larger components become damaged, worn, or corroded, repairing the unit may be too costly to justify. You shouldn’t pay more than 50% of the cost of a replacement unit to repair an old system.

The Unit Repeatedly Needs Repairs

If you had your AC repaired a month or two ago and it shows signs of needing more service, be thankful for all the years it has provided comfort. Consult with your HVAC contractor about replacing it. You’ll save if the warranty has expired. And considering the costs of finding replacement parts for old units plus labor fees, the savings may be more substantial than you think.

Call Over the Moon for Air Conditioning Replacement in Sussex, WI

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