Going DIY with anything electrical is never a good idea. Outdoor lighting is no exception. As if interior lighting isn’t hard enough to plan and install correctly, exterior lighting comes with a range of additional challenges. The weather and wild animals are just a couple of concerns. A professional outdoor lighting installer has the expertise to take every factor into consideration, and here are a few reasons why you should hire one.

Design Experience

Where light fixtures and bulbs are installed, how bright they are, and how many are used can be difficult to determine without the proper experience. Also, there are different types of outdoor lighting. A professional can decide if uplighting would be better in one area, or downlighting is the right choice for another. They can help select design options based on the mood you want to create. Lighting can also be used to highlight specific architectural elements, something only a professional installer can fully understand.

Safety and Security

Outdoor lighting can improve safety at night, whether you’re arriving home or enjoying a pleasant evening in the yard or on the patio. It can deter potential intruders as well. A lighting installer can identify potential safety issues or a location where a burglar can hide and design a lighting system accordingly. The company will also explain how the system works and how to care for it, as well as provide a warranty that covers unexpected repairs.

Professional Installation

Your installer will calculate the voltage needed for the system. They can recommend electrical upgrades if necessary and ensure there’s an adequate power supply. During installation, wires are properly buried, and all underground connections are guaranteed to be weather-tight. The risk of mishaps and potential future costs are reduced. A professional outdoor lighting installer will also make sure your property is left neat and clean when the project is complete.

Reduced Stress

Attempting an outdoor lighting project yourself won’t save time or money. If you have no lighting design or electrical experience, you’re setting yourself up for numerous problems. A professional can anticipate issues and find solutions before running into trouble. Otherwise, you risk stumbling on many hurdles and installation hiccups that impact the performance and longevity of the system. Hire an installation company and it’ll take care of everything for you.

Knowledge of Industry Trends

Outdoor lighting has rapidly become integral to the modern smart home. Automation controls such as motion sensors, light sensors, timers, dimmers, and lights controlled by voice assistants can allow your exterior lights to be highly functional and efficient. Are you into sophisticated custom lighting design? Then color-changing LED lighting can be installed, which you can control to set the mood or match the season.

Why Hire Over the Moon for Outdoor Lighting Installation?

If you live in the western Milwaukee area, Over the Moon has professional outdoor lighting installers who can help with your landscape and outdoor lighting. We specialize in security lighting, driveway lights, path lights, flood lights, and accent lighting. Our team will ensure light from fixtures does not shine over onto other yards, into windows, or cause glare, while proper angling helps avoid contributing to light pollution. We’ll also help find the most cost-effective, efficient lighting solutions.

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